Community Crops Board of Directors

Community Crops is governed by a board of directors who help to oversee the organization and its financial status while maintaining accountability to the vision and mission. The board of directors is comprised of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and work experiences to enrich the impact of the board.

Members of the Community Crops Board of Directors Include:

Megan McGuffey

Megan is a doctoral student in Public Administration whose research focuses on food policy. She is passionate about Community Crops because she enjoyed her experience as a community gardener and she continuously sees so many ways Community Crops supports and improves the food system of our community.

Angela Lemke


Angie is a stay-at-home mom to two young boys. She is involved with Community Crops because she thinks it is important for everyone to have an equal opportunity to grow their own food.

Bryce Hoflund

Bryce is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Administration at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and conduct research in food and health policy. She is passionate about the development of local, sustainable food systems.

Ashley Steffensmeier


Ashley works as a CPA at HBE Becker Meyer Love LLP in both audit and tax.  She got involved in Community Crops because they provide great resources for Lincoln residents to learn to grow their own food, as well as the resources to actually grow the food, especially for those who, without Crops’s help, could not do this.

Susan Ugai

Susan Ugai is an attorney at the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. She brings her passion for good food to the Crops board.

Susan Dinsmore

Susan is a a ReMax Realtor and avid gardener in Lincoln, who has helped Crops connect with a a wide variety of people.

Pam Edwards

Pam Edwards is a Registered Dietitian and the Assistant Director of University Dining Services at University Housing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is passionate about helping to develop and promote the wide variety of Crops gardening, farming and local foods programs throughout Lincoln’s community.

Joseph Flores

Joseph is an agent with Shelter Insurance, and passionate about providing local food to the community.

Kevin Hagemoser

Kevin has experience in assisting small businesses to succeed. His knowledge has been essential to building Community Crops as a strong non-profit organization.

Stephanie Matejka

Stephanie works for Advantage Insurance, and is a committed member of the Crops Board due to her interest in fresh, healthy food.

Jeremiah Picard

Jeremiah Picard works with the Nebraska Farmers Union and Big Red Worms to create compost from food waste generated by local schools and business, runs a small urban homestead and a men’s beard care products business. Jeremiah is a graduate of the Growing Farmers Training Program, using his experience as a farmer to help foster the growth of Community Crops

Linda Willard

Linda is a retired attorney who believes that locally grown foods improve life because they are healthier for everyone. She loves that Community Crops provides training and opportunity for growing and using locally grown foods.

David Burnette

David is an Accountant at Nebraska National Guard