Volunteer with Community Crops


Help out, learn something new, and have a great time! By volunteering with Community Crops, you’ll have fun while making a direct impact through Community Gardens, Prairie Pines Incubator¬†Farm, classes and more!

Volunteer Opportunities

We offer a variety of opportunities to our volunteers for a variety of interest levels, including:

Farm Assistants:

Volunteers are needed throughout the year to help with various jobs related to the organic production of fruits and vegetables at our Beginning Farmer Training Program.

Community Garden Activists:

Volunteers in this area help us shape each community garden into a unique community, whether you help with gardening, artwork, or education. We are especially seeking volunteers to simply collect coffee grounds and compostable kitchen scraps from neighborhood businesses and organizations.

Promotional Assistants:

Promotion Assistants are needed to help promote and staff our events (including Earth Day in April, Plant Sale in May, Garden Gala in June, Fundraiser in August, and the Farm Walk in September).

Sustainable Living Outreach Leaders:

If you have practical sustainable living skills and want to pass your knowledge onto others through talks or demonstrations, we need you as a volunteer in this area.

Administrative Volunteers:

We’re a nonprofit, so assistance with day-to-day tasks is essential. This includes greeting guests, directing questions, taking message, entering data, mailing letters, helping with special events, etc.

Special Project Volunteers:

Sometimes we have special projects or specific needs that don’t fit into other categories. If you’re a special project volunteer, you can help out when it works for you, and pass when it’s not an option.