Community Crops Board of Directors

Community Crops is governed by a board of directors who help to oversee the organization and its financial status while maintaining accountability to the vision and mission. The board of directors is comprised of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and work experiences to enrich the impact of the board.

Members of the Community Crops Board of Directors:

Zach Morrissey


Kayla is a Registered Dietitian working for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services as a Nutrition Coordinator for the Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Program in the Division of Public Health.  She is passionate about providing our community with the opportunity to choose healthy products, locally.

Katie King


Ben Williamson


Ben is an attorney at Invest Nebraska Corporation.

Marlo Bergen


Kayla Abel


Alyssa Christensen


Grant Daily


Brie Frickenstein


Melissa Landis

Melissa is pleased to serve as secretary of the Community Crops board.  As a Lincoln native she has invested her time and skills into government, non-profit, and public-private partnership projects. Melissa measures her level of happiness by how thick the layer of mud caked on her shoes is on any given day. Whether it’s weeding at one of the garden plots or a taking a tour of the training farm, the Crops board keeps that happiness measure high.

Joan Larson


Karen Moore


Kevin Moser


Kana Leia Veney


Diane Walkowiak