2014 Community Crops Donors

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Community Crops during 2014. You are making it possible to grow food in Lincoln.

2014 Garden Sponsors

Gold Level Sponsors: Earl May, Duncan Aviation and Russ’s

Silver Level Sponsors: Sandhills Publishing, Union Bank, Near South Neighborhood Association, Nebraska Farmers Union and Midwest Agency

Bronze Level Sponsors:
BryanHealth, St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center, Harding and Shultz and Remax / David Kaseman Associate

Media Sponsors: Lincoln Journal Star and KZUM

Major In-Kind Supporters:
Eagle Group, Heartland Organics and Lincoln Parks and Recreaition Department.

Business Sponsors

The following businesses sponsored the Feast on the Farm, the Harvest Campaign or otherwise donated funds to grow good food in Lincoln.

Wamstad + Evans, Sisu Hairdressing Salon, Pepe’s Bistro, INSPRO Insurance, Whole Foods, Stephens and Smith Construction, Maggie’s Vegetarian Cafe, Campbell’s Nursery, Chocolate Cake Design, Earl May, Prairie Plains Resource Institute, Zoetis, Southminster Church, Bank of the West, Westgate Bank, HyVee, Lincoln Industries, Southgate United Methodist and USDA Employee Activities Association.

Business Supporters

The following businesses provided goods or services to Community Crops during 2014.

Anderson Ford, Bodhi Organic Garden Supply, The Mill, Baker Ace Hardware, Augstums Printing, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Le Quartier Bakery, Meadowlark Coffee, Sasquatch Bakery, Open Harvest Co-op Grocery, Cycleworks, Ayars and Ayars, Bahnwich Cafe, TMCO, Mo Java, Shen Cafe, Bin 105, From the Ground Up Nursery, Ivanna Cone, Ace Hardware, Grateful Greens, Taco Parral, Single Barrel, Chez Hay, Daffodil Catering, Dish, PopArt, AquaNui, Modern Monks, Runza and Bread & Cup. Trader Joe’s, Lied Lodge, N Street Drive In, Lauritzen Gardens, Glacial Till, Michael Forsberg Gallery, Scott Bean, Heartland Nuts N More basket, AbBee’s Honey, Mystic Rhoads Productions, Allison Borgschulte, Dandelion Hollow Farm, Finke Gardens, Nebraska Arboretum, Downtown Lincoln Association, Ross Theater, Pedicab Lincoln, Lincoln Symphony, Lincoln Children’s Museum, Lincoln Children’s Zoo,Star City Recycling, Ivanna Cone, Bailey’s Bubbles, Panera Bread, Wine Chocolate Tango, Chocolatier Blue Cultivate KC, YMCA, Chuck-E-Cheese,Rolling Fire Catering, Billy’s Restaraunt, Lotus Loga, Lincoln Yoga Center, Laura’s Massage and Spa, Zipline, Branched Oak Farm, Organic Valley, Liana Krissoff Sheldon Friends of Chamber Music, A Novel Idea Bookstore, Tomato Fest, Sow True Seeds, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Botanical Interest Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange, Renee’s Garden, Territorial Seed Company

Land Donors

The following businesses and individuals provide land for community garden locations:

Oak Lake Church, Northeast United Church, Rosemont Alliance Church, Southern Heights Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, Southminster Methodist, Lincoln Parks and Rec, Jan and George Brockley, TCW Construction, Antelope Church of the Brethren, and BryanHealth.

Individual Donors

Julie Abo, Stephanie Ahlschwede, Lisa Durso and Werner Althaus, Tara Anderson, Spencer Arnold, Linda Asher, Peter Baenziger, Walt Bagley, Barbara Baier, Britton and Barbara Bailey, Caleb Bailey, Leirion Gaylor and Scott Baird, Pam Baker, Sara Baker, Tracy Baker, Caitlin Bales, Amy Ball, Liz Barnes, Rebecca Barnes, Rich Barnes, Keith and Mary Bartels, Miles Bryant and Sarah Bauman, Joan Benjamin, Fran Benne, Margaret Berry (in memory of Chester Knuth), Ann Bleed, Susan Bockrath, Tiffany Bohm, Angela Boule, Amanda Breitbach, Charlene Brown, Dawn Brunke, Janet Buck, Jean Bullen, Tom Burke, Tom Burkhard, Maureen Burson, James Busing, Doug Campbell, Lora Carpenter-Janike, Jenny Carson, Aaron Chambers, Judy Cherry, Roseann Christensen, Jay Conrad and David Clark, Vernon Clark, Lindsey Clausen, Marla and Brian Cleveland, Gerry and Mary Cooney, Gene and Linda Crump, Andrea Davis, Jeffrey Deal, Margaret Dentlinger, Margaret DeVivo, Anne DeVries, Barbara DiBernard, Susan and Stephen Dinsmore, Donna DiPaolo, Kathryn Dolan, Steve and Faye Doolittle, John Doran, Stephanie Mitchell and James Drake, Pat and Candace Dussault, Sarah Easton, Courtney Edwards, Pam Edwards, Stephanie Eells, Su Eells, Jo Ann Emerson, John Esseks, Chris Evans, Dodie Eveleth, Emily Evnen, Sonja Fabry, Anand-Gall Family, Lynne Faulkner, Tim Fleener, Kara Fotopoulos, Chuck Francis, Barb and Alan Frank, Tami Frank, Matthew Freeman, Sara Friedman, Merlin and Rita Friesen, Sara Furr, Dorrie Gage, James and Sandra Gallentine, Bonnie Galusha, John Garza, Jan Gauger, Karen Gilmore, Daniel Ginting, Katherine Goff, Donna Gould, Jan Gradwohl, Amy Green, Jessica Greenwald, Kallyn Grove, Sue and Tom Guild, Russ & Lisa Guill, Rebecca Guittar, Kevin Hagemoser, Martin Hager, Jared and Kim Hall, Laura Hametis, Thomas and Twyla Hansen, Marin Hanson, Phillip Goddard and Shannon Harner, Carolyn Harp, Judy and Matt Harvey, Missy Hasselbalch, Mandy Hatcher, Stacey and Darril Hauser, Mike Heavican, Jean Helms, Kathy Helzer, Lori Raphael and J Michael Hemmer, Alice Henneman and David Palm, Susan Henry, Gerise Herndon, Heidi Hillhouse, John Hintz, Bonnie Hitch, Wynn Hjermstad, Bryce Hoflund, Ward Hoppe, Sarah Howell, Emily Hulse, Eric Hunt, Anita Jackson, JP and Nelle Jamison, Debra Jenkins, Jim and Kate Jewell, Steve & Cheryl Jewell, Lynn Johnson, Takako Johnson, Tim Johnson, Georgia Jones, Tommi Jones, Jessica Jurzenski, Charles Kaiser, David Kaseman, Troy & Susan Kash-Brown, Robert and Martha Kaul, Lew Kaye-Skinner, Scott and Sara Keene (In Memory of Catherine MacDonald), Dennis Keim, Gail Kendall, Jessica Kennedy, Beth Kernes Krause, Andrea Kessler, Timothy Kettler, Mary and Jim King, Rachel King, Ingrid Kirst, Bruce Koehler, Bill & Linda Kollman, Jennifer Konecky, Victoria Kovar, Mike Kreikemeier, Alison Krohn, Ariella Kennedy and Michaella Kumke, Amy Kunc, Jeni Kuszak, Yvonne Lai, Janine Copple and Steve Larrick, Keith Larsen, Craig and Pippa Lawson, Frances Leach, Witold Lehmann, Richard and Wendy Leiter, Angela Lemke, Betty Levitov, Heather Strait and Scott Lewandowski, Kathy Goff and Phil Lewis, David & Cynthia Loope, Lacey and Andira Losh, Lorene Ludy, Kathleen Lukesh, Sandy Marino, Christopher Marks, Stephanie Matejka, Katherine Mathias, Megan McGuffey, Jenny McLaughlin, Marilyn McNabb, Anne McShane, Carol McShane, Edith Meints, Dana Meyer, Sara Miles, John and Katherine Milligan, Joe Mitchell, Rise & George Mitchell, Wah Wah Moo, Laura and Tim Moulton, David Murphy, Tracy Murray, Brett and Beth Musil, Nancy Myers, Phyllis Narveson (In Honor of George Wolf), Sharon Navas (In Honor of Eastlyn Wright), Teri Nelson, Barbara Nieveen, Diane Nolan (In Memory of Catherine MacDonald), Stephanie Oie, Paul Olson, Allison Osborn, Katie Paloucek, Rosina Paolini, Sarah Peetz, Larry and Carna Pfeil, Jeremiah Picard, June Pickel, Matthew Pirog, Mike & Doris Pleskac, Kathryn Plunkett, Patrick Poepsel, Janet Poley, Jennifer Preston, Mollie Preston, Debra Quandt- Smedra, Bill Achord and Ellen Rainbolt, Linda Ratcliffe, Bob Rauner, Jane Raybould, Carol Reed (In Memory of Mary Reed), Brian Reetz, Peter and Jane Reinkordt, Nan Schweiger and LaMont Richards, Bill Richman, Tim Rinne and Kay Walter, Roy Rivera, Dennis and Connie Roark, Rebecca Roberts, Susan Rocker, Becca Ross, Phillip Ross, Martha Rowe, Cecilia Ruley, Shawn Ryba, Amber Salvati, Jason Samsel, Daniel Samson, Sue Samson, Takako and Koichi Sato, Cathy and Chris Sayre, Wayne Schaber, Francy Scheele, Marge Schlitt, Marilynn Schnepf, Kim Schrick, Jim Schultz, Ali Schwanke, Molly Schwisow, Djuka Selendic, Lynn and Anne Senkbeil, Nader and Ingrid Sepahpur, Sabrina and Eric Sergeant, Daizaburo Shizuka, Karee Shonerd, Peggy Shorney, Bob Haller and Marcela Short, Meghan Sittler, Carol Smith, David Smith, Wendy and Eric Smith, Jackie Sojico, Chris Sommerich, Emily and Mike Stander, Hope Starr, Josie Stauffer, Diane Steinke, Georgia Stevens, April Stevenson, Shelley Stoltenberg, Barbara Straus, Cindy Stuefer-Powell, Eleanor Hardin and Jordan Stump, Ron Svoboda, Amy Tabor, Carl Tarlowski, Pat Tetreault, Art and Carol Thompson, Sarah Thompson, Michele Tilley (In Honor of Don and Gwen Tilley), Nolan Tredway, Teri Tuma, Susan Ugai, Arlyn & Kathie Uhrmacher, Jessica Umberger, Kathrine Umberger, James Verhoeff, Sheila Vinton, Wanda Vodehnal, Peggy Volker, Jennifer Wallace, Kristi and Brendan Wamstad-Evans, Liz Wedeking, Matt & Sue Wehrwein, Samuel Welsch, Denise Wiemer, Glenn Williams, James and Rebecca Williams, Shirley Williams, Vernon Williams, Karen Wills, Diane Wilson, Elizabeth Wolf and Stephen McFadden, George Wolf, Kathy Wolfe, Charles Wooldridge, Susan Wortmann, Colleen Wright, Dean and Jo Ellen Wright, Laurel Erickson and Larry Zink and Pat Zink.