About Community Crops

Mission Statement

We provide education, advocacy and experiences to grow local food.

Vision Statement

We are leaders in a community where all people can grow and enjoy healthy, local food.


Community Crops was started with one community garden in 2003, and has grown over the years to become a successful organization. Crops now has 11 community garden sites, a training farm, a production greenhouse, garden and cooking education for all ages, a mobile farmers market and new storefront, and more.

Community Crops currently has four full-time staff positions, one part-time position, and numerous volunteers who help with our projects, in addition to the many farmers and gardeners who participate in the program.

Leadership and Staff

Current Staff


Community Crops Board of Directors

  • Zach Morrissey, President
  • Katie King, Vice-President
  • Ben Williamson, Treasurer
  • Marlo Bergen, Secretary
  • Kayla Abel
  • Alyssa Christensen
  • Grant Daily
  • Brie Frickenstein
  • Melissa Landis
  • Joan Larson
  • Karen Moore
  • Kevin Moser
  • Kana Leia Veney
  • Diane Walkowiak

“If we can continue to inspire people to grow food in their community,
we really have an opportunity to change the culture in the United States and change behavior.”

Brad Kindler, Volunteer

Community Crops Financial Information

Community Crops 2019 – 990

Community Crops – 2019 Annual Report

Community Crops 2019 Audit


Our Funders

Crops is funded by a number of local and national funding sources including: