Community Crops Education & Classes

Come learn with us! Classes and workshops are offered throughout the year on gardening and farming topics, cooking, and sustainable living.

Urban Grower Classes

This class series, running 2023 through 2025 will focus on teaching sustainable growing skills for gardeners and farmers. Class formats may vary between field days, lectures, online classes, and other alternative formats. Registration is required, but classes are free!







Accommodations for translation can be made by request with advance notice of 2 weeks, and there is a question in the registration regarding translation needs. Please contact us with any questions.

Registration forms close approximately 2-3 days prior to class or in some cases earlier due to the number of students signed up.

Upcoming Classes

June 1st, 10am – 11:30am, at Lake St. MicroFarm: Drip Irrigation and Mulching Strategies for Gardeners Skill Share

This skill share style class will provide an overview of drip irrigation as a strategy for water conservation, including how to design and set up your own system, as well as explore different mulching strategies that can be implemented in your garden in order to reduce water consumption. Participants will have the opportunity to help set up a drip irrigation system, practice calculating flow rate, and work with a variety of mulches. 

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June 1st, 1pm – 2:30pm, at Lake St. MicroFarm: Using Low Tunnels for Pest Management & Season Extension RESCHEDULED DATE

This skill share will cover how to use low tunnels for early season extension and pest management. Materials needed to build low tunnels, as well as construction and management will be discussed. Participants will have the opportunity to build a low tunnel during class.

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June 15th, 10am – 12pm, at Lake St. MicroFarm: Trellising Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

This class will cover trellising principles, techniques, and methods for space saving, plant health, and improving harvests. This class will show a variety of methods and materials that can be used for building trellises for both vegetable and fruit crops, with hands on opportunities to practice. 

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June 22nd, 10am – 12pm, at Lake St. MicroFarm: Organic Pest Management Mini Field Day

This mini workshop will cover the main principles of integrated pest management for organic gardeners and farmers. This class will utilize examples in the field of the four main methods of control. Participants will have the chance to practice scouting, use a backpack sprayer, and explore low tunnels, drip irrigation, mulching strategies, interplanting, native plantings, and crop rotation examples.

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Business and Marketing for Small Scale Farmers

This class series, running 2023 through 2024 will focus on teaching introductory business and marketing skills for small scale farmers. This series will be 12 parts and will start in September 2023. Registration is required but classes are free for participants. Classes will be delivered in English, with Arabic and/or Kurdish Kurmanji translation available.

Upcoming Classes

June 27th, 6-8pm, at Salt Creek Cooperative Farm: Cooperative Ownership Models

“Cooperative Ownership” provides an introduction to cooperative ownership models for farmers. We will discuss how cooperatives work, benefits of cooperative ownership, and how to become a co-op. Students will have the opportunity to tour the Salt Creek Coop farm, who produces specialty crops and pasture raised eggs using sustainable methods. This class will be taught by Nash Leef of Salt Creek Coop.

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