Barb Brockley

Interim Director |

We’re excited to announce Barb Brockley as our interim director. Barb brings 8 years of experience at Crops to the position and has been instrumental in writing, securing and managing federal and foundation grants.
Her extensive experience with our organization and passion for farming will help guide us through exciting upcoming events including the Garden Gala & Feast on the Farm.​ When not at Crops, Barb manages the Brockley Farmaceuticals CSA with her husband Ross and dog Mabel.


Matt Pirog

Growing Farmers Program Manager |

Matt Pirog is the Growing Farmers Program Manager at Community Crops. He is responsible for seeking out and facilitating learning opportunities for beginning farmers in Nebraska using lectures, farm tours, and hands-on workshops at the Prairie Pines training farm. He comes to Crops with an educational background in accounting and biological systems engineering, which drives his pursuit of small-scale, soil-regenerative farming models that are also financially sustainable.

Matt first developed his gardening/farming addiction at a Community Crops garden in 2010 and has been absorbing everything he can about biologically-intensive agriculture ever since. Classes and opportunities organized by Community Crops have made it possible for him to grow a delicious bounty of food and provided inspiration to pursue a farming lifestyle. He is excited to create those opportunities for others and to help grow the capacity of the Lincoln foodshed. The other hats he wears outside of Community Crops are eccentric gardener, dog buddy and alternating sous-chef at the Falter-Pirog household.

Isaiah Krutak

Farm Production Coordinator |

Isaiah started as the Farm Production Coordinator in the spring of 2018. He previously was at Community Crops as an AmeriCorps member in the garden program. His full bio is coming soon, when he takes a break from planting and harvesting delicious vegetables.


Kelsey Varisco

Garden Program Coordinator |

Kelsey is the full-time community garden program coordinator. In 2016-2017, she participated in the gardens and with all our gardeners as an AmeriCorps member. We are so excited to be able to utilize her experience and skills to ensure all of our gardeners are successful in growing their own food!

Nicole Effle

Youth Garden Coordinator |
Nicole and her husband Nick were born and raised in Lincoln. Their parents always gardened and they have taken on that love by adding growing space to their yard every year and this year, adding chickens! All three of their children, Alexis, 17, Jaxson, 13 and Tiszon, 10, have grown up in the garden digging, observing and nurturing. While gardening, sustainability and environmental awareness have always been a passion for Nicole, her work has been primarily with low income families and high-risk youth. She have a bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Midland College and a master’s in Counseling from Doane. Her true passion is teaching and learning and now that she gets to combine that with gardening!