Community Crops Lending Library


Stop by the Community Crops office and check out a book on gardening & farming topics!  Browse the list of books available here.

The Community Crops office is at 1301 S. 11th Street (11th and B). We are generally here 9am-4pm, weekdays, but feel free to call us at 402-474-9802 to make sure or ask about stopping by at another time.

How to Start Seeds


Starting your own seeds for transplanting to your garden is cheap and easy!

Resources: NebGuide on Seed Starting and Cornell Extension’s Guide to Seed Starting.

Planning and Laying Out Your Garden



Low Pressure Gravity Drip Irrigation Systems


Watch a video describing an innovative Low Pressure Gravity Drip Irrigation System that you can build yourself at low-cost. This second videoshows more about how to implement this system.


The descriptive pamphlet of the system is also quite helpful.

Organic Supplies in Lincoln

A limited number of organic products are available in Lincoln. This handout tells what to use each product for and where to find it. It’s also available in Spanish. In addition to these stores, Bodhi Organic Garden Supply opened in 2012 just around the corner from the Crops office, and they carry many organic gardening and farming supplies. Many other products can be found online. The website is one place to find what you need.

Additional Garden Class Materials