Community Gardens in Lincoln


Community Crops coordinates many community gardens in Lincoln, Nebraska. The gardens are spread throughout the city to accommodate our participants. Our gardeners come from many different backgrounds and together they beautify our city while growing food for themselves. See the map below for the garden locations.

Plot fees are on a sliding scale basis, and financial assistance is available for everyone who qualifies.
If you have questions about the gardens, please contact us at or (402) 474-9802.

How do I become a community gardener?

Our 2024 application process is underway. Timeline is detailed below:

Returning Gardener Applications were due by December 15th. Eligible gardeners grew with us in 2023 and completed all deadlines/requirements to return. Applications should have been emailed or mailed to all eligible gardeners in November. Follow-up with our team if you have questions.

New Gardener Applications are available January 2nd and due by March 31st. Our gardens typically fill up quickly, and applicants are placed in the order completed applications are received. Apply by completing the New Gardener application linked below or visit our office, located at 501 S. 7th Street for a paper copy. Paper copies can also be mailed to you by request and are available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Karen, and Pashto.


Community Gardening Plots and Fees

As a community gardener, you can expect to pay an annual plot fee, and an additional security deposit. Plot fees will differ based on the size of your plot, and if you qualify for financial assistance or not.  Your security deposit, which covers set up and clean up costs, is roll-able or refundable if you clean up your plot at the end of the year. It will also differ based on if you garden with financial assistance or not.

One garden plot is equivalent to 100 sq. ft (10′ x 10′), which is equal to 9.3 sq. meters (3.05m x 3.05m).  You can sign up for more than one plot, though we generally do not give more than 4 plots to one applicant due to demand and space limitations.

Below is the breakdown of the sizes and costs – both financial aid and full price rates are listed:

  •  1 plot [100sq ft./9.3sq. meters]: $10-$75
  •  2 plots [200 sq ft./18.6 sq. meters]: $20-$150
  •  3 plots [300 sq. ft./27.9 sq. meters]: $30-$225
  •  4 plots [400 sq. ft./37.2 sq. meters]: $40-$300
  •  A full price security deposit is $50, while reduced cost deposit for financial aid gardeners is $25, regardless of plot size.

Email or call our office at 402.474.9802 if you have questions about our program!

Community Crops Garden Locations

17th & F                                          (917 S 17th St) Antelope                            (35th & Sumner)


Southern Heights              (5750 S 40th St) Gere Library                  (2400 S 56th St)
Mustard Seed                            (2600 N 70th St) Willard                                    (1245 S Folsom St) Peter Pan Park                  (30th & Overland Trail) Alpha Kappa Alpha        (1344 D St) *limited*


14th & Hudson                        (2152 S 14th St) Knyaw *limited*

Become a Community Garden Sponsor


Local businesses are instrumental in providing community garden space.  It’s great recognition for the business, and means more resources for growing food for the gardeners!