Mowing to Growing Campaign

This summer, we encourage every Lincoln resident to grow some of their own food. Gardening has many positive effects, including making our community more food secure (a condition where everyone has reliable, safe access to enough food to survive and thrive). Together we can go from #MowingToGrowing! Learn more below and take our pledge to grow some of your own food this summer.

Mowing to Growing PSA

Fast Facts

  • Even in an agricultural powerhouse like Nebraska, 90% of our food is imported from outside state boundaries.
  • More than 99% of Nebraska corn is not edible to humans (field corn is turned into feed for animals or fuel).
  • Out of the 22.2 million acres of Nebraska cropland in 2017, only 24,000 acres were used for orchards or vegetables grown for sale.
  • The lawn is the largest irrigated crop in the United States.

Gardening Resources

It can feel intimidating to start gardening for the first time. Gardening is a constant learning process and we are here to support you! Check out our resources below and find the full #MowingToGrowing video playlist here.


#MowingToGrowing Episode 3: Container Gardening

#MowingToGrowing Episode 2: Turning Your Lawn into a Garden

#MowingToGrowing Episode 1: Planting

Click Here for More Gardening Resources.